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hair dyeing silicone sprush spatuls brush set
Professional Hair Salon Quality Highlighting Brush Set
Advantages comparing with traditional bristle brushes:-
Faster application
Closer to the scalp for precise highlighting  
Less overlap up to 1/2 colour cream savings
Gentle and comfortable to scalp
No residual contamination
Fast easy cleanup
Long lasting      

Highlighting Brush· 6 Brushes Size ·
Two Green (1.)  Straight tip across 1.7” X Long  9”(2) serrated tip across 1.7”X Long 9” approx ·
Two Pink   (1.)  Straight tip across .8”   X Long 9”(2) slanted tip across   . 8”X Long 9” approx ·
Two Yellow (1.)  Straight tip across 2”   X Long 9”(2) slanted tip across 2”X Long 8.5” approx ·

Comes in clear plastic zip case  ·
Six silicone brush set specially made with finest silicon rubber

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